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(650) 725-9955

A confidential counselor is available 24/7 to help you navigate your options.  

Overseas Urgent & Non-Urgent Help


If you've experienced sexual assault, relationship violence, and/or gender-based harassment or discrimation while traveling overseas, what happened is not your fault. You always deserve to be safe and respected. You may be experiencing a wide range of feelings, which are all valid. Regardless of what you decide, there are many people at Stanford University who are committed to helping students, faculty, and staff.  

Differences in laws, administrative processes, medical care, cultural and social norms, and attitudes vary around the world. 

Emergency (Immediate threat to physical/mental health, safety, or security)

If this is an emergency and to ensure that you receive appropriate care and advice, please call the International SOS: +1-215-942-8478.   If you are the impacted party in a sexual assault or rape abroad, Stanford’s global travel safety partner, International SOS, can assist with:

  • Medical assistance including emergency treatment, antiviral drugs and emergency contraception
  • Provide assistance to ensure that you are physically safe and secure
  • Access to mental health counselors
  • Click here to learn more about International SOS

Connecting with the Stanford Operator will connect you with a staff member which is non-confidential. 

Non-Emergency (No immediate threat to physical/mental health, safety, or security)

Stanford Travel Emergency Line (24/7/365,  +1-833-496-0303)
Available 24/7/365, the Stanford Travel Emergency Line can provide assistance, information and access to resources at Stanford. This line reaches Stanford staff who are not a confidential resource, and who will likely need to report  the incident to  the  SHARE/Title IX Office at Stanford.  For information about a confidential resource, please see the “Confidential Support Team” information, below.

Stanford Confidential Support Team (+1-650-725-9955)
In addition to immediate medical and security assistance, you may also seek confidential assistance from Stanford’s Confidential Support Team. CST specializes in emotional support and guidance in the aftermath of sexual assault, relationship violence, and/or gender-based harassment or discrimation.

Click here to learn more about Stanford’s Confidential Support Team.

Other Resources

- In Washington, D.C. available 24/7 In the U.S./Canada: 888-407-4747

- When Abroad: +1 202-501-4444